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About us

We are a company, focused on the design and exhibition stands construction, located in the heart of Europe. We provide a high-quality craftsmanship to our customers for affordable prices all over Europe. With experience acquired at the implementation of approximately 1000 built exhibition stands, we are ready to face new challenges.

“We work with love and enthusiasm since 1993 – we want you – the visitors of exhibitions, to be satisfied and that means we are happy if you are happy.”

Dušan Buri, CEO

We respect every single business partner as we work with companies that employ skillful and successful people in their branch. The proof is their participation at financially and organizationally challenging events, such as exhibitions and trade fairs organized worldwide. To show our work, in a direct confrontation with companies with similar or same orientation, means you are special and you believe your own product.Our role is to promote your exceptionality and uniqueness by the design and by processing your exhibition on a professional level that does not often have to be opulent but should comply with aesthetic and functional criteria appropriate to your company’s position.

Our team


Practical areas

We are flexible. We can help you anywhere and anytime. Apart from providing a complex turnkey projects, we can also help you with the little tasks, such as communication with exhibitors about energy orderings, services, etc.

Exhibition stand design

Our designers will design you any stand according to your ideas. We respect company values, graphic design and at the same time provide a unique solution to your exceptional presentation at the exhibition. Treat yourself to a unique feeling!

Exhibition stand construction

Do you have your own idea? No problem. We can build the construction based on your projects or according to our design.
Despite the fact we are still working with Octanorm, Maxima or MONTI systems, nowadays most of our clients prefer so-called atypical exhibitions.

Turnkey projects

Do you want to create a strategy for your advertising campaign? We will be glad to be your partner. Based on our long-time experience at the market, we can suggest you optimal trade fairs and exhibitions for your commodity, we can provide a specific area at the exhibition, design and build exhibition stands for you.


We also offer long term cooperation for companies and institutions that plan to attend at the several exhibitions. In addition to the services described above (see Turnkey projects), we can also store material and stand equipment for a time period you do not need it.

Equipment rental

We provide a wide range of furniture and other exhibition equipment – kitchens, flowers, AV Technology, advertising stands…


Do you have any questions concerning the European exhibition market? Are you looking for partners who can help you outside of Europe? We are here in order to discuss your requirements with you. We can also support your expansion to Asia and the Middle East, USA or Australia by our extensive international network of reliable partners.

Our team

Dušan Buri CEO, executive director

Michal Hanuska Head of Design

Miroslav Remenárik Head of Construction

Martina Dobiasová Sales Manager, Head of Production


Exhibitions we took part in

  1. United Kingdom London
  2. United Kingdom Liverpool
  3. United Kingdom Manchester
  4. United Kingdom Glasgow
  5. United Kingdom Aberdeen
  6. United Kingdom Farnborough
  7. Sweden Stockholm
  8. Sweden Gothenburg
  9. Sweden Jönköping
  10. Finland Helsinki
  11. Belgium Brussels
  12. Belgium Ghent
  13. Belgium Kortrijk
  14. Netherlands Amsterdam
  15. Netherlands Rotterdam
  16. Norway Oslo
  17. Norway Stavanger
  18. Denmark Copenhagen
  19. Russia Moscow
  20. Russia Saint Petersburg
  21. Poland Warsaw
  22. Poland Poznań
  23. Poland Kraków
  24. Poland Kielce
  25. Poland Katowice
  26. Germany Husum
  27. Germany Hamburg
  28. Germany Berlin
  29. Germany Hanover
  30. Germany Essen
  31. Germany Dortmund
  32. Deutschland Köln
  33. Germany Frankfurt
  34. Germany Düsseldorf
  35. Germany Leipzig
  36. Germany Dresden
  37. Germany Stuttgart
  38. Germany Munich
  39. Germany Nuremberg
  40. Germany Friedrichshafen
  41. France Paris
  42. France Lyon
  43. France Cannes
  44. Monaco-Ville Monte Carlo
  45. Czechia Brno
  46. Czechia Prague
  47. Czechia Ostrava
  48. Czechia Ceske Budejovice
  49. Slovakia Nitra
  50. Slovakia Bratislava
  51. Slovakia Trenčín
  52. Slovakia Košice
  53. Slovakia Banská Bystrica
  54. Ukraine Kiev
  55. Ukraine Odessa
  56. Switzerland Geneva
  57. Switzerland Basel
  58. Austria Vienna
  59. Austria Linz
  60. Austria Klagenfurt
  61. Hungary Budapest
  62. Spain Madrid
  63. Spain Barcelona
  64. Portugal Lisbon
  65. Italy Milano
  66. Croatia Zagreb
  67. Serbia Belgrade
  68. Romania Bucharest
  69. Romania Miercurea Ciuc
  70. Bulgaria Plovdiv
  71. Greece Thessaloniki
United Kingdom London
United Kingdom Liverpool
United Kingdom Manchester
United Kingdom Glasgow
United Kingdom Aberdeen
United Kingdom Farnborough
Sweden Stockholm
Sweden Gothenburg
Sweden Jönköping
Finland Helsinki
Belgium Brussels
Belgium Ghent
Belgium Kortrijk
Netherlands Amsterdam
Netherlands Rotterdam
Norway Oslo
Norway Stavanger
Denmark Copenhagen
Russia Moscow
Russia Saint Petersburg
Poland Warsaw
Poland Poznań
Poland Kraków
Poland Kielce
Poland Katowice
Germany Husum
Germany Hamburg
Germany Berlin
Germany Hanover
Germany Essen
Germany Dortmund
Deutschland Köln
Germany Frankfurt
Germany Düsseldorf
Germany Leipzig
Germany Dresden
Germany Stuttgart
Germany Munich
Germany Nuremberg
Germany Friedrichshafen
France Paris
France Lyon
France Cannes
Monaco-Ville Monte Carlo
Czechia Brno
Czechia Prague
Czechia Ostrava
Czechia Ceske Budejovice
Slovakia Nitra
Slovakia Bratislava
Slovakia Trenčín
Slovakia Košice
Slovakia Banská Bystrica
Ukraine Kiev
Ukraine Odessa
Switzerland Geneva
Switzerland Basel
Austria Vienna
Austria Linz
Austria Klagenfurt
Hungary Budapest
Spain Madrid
Spain Barcelona
Portugal Lisbon
Italy Milano
Croatia Zagreb
Serbia Belgrade
Romania Bucharest
Romania Miercurea Ciuc
Bulgaria Plovdiv
Greece Thessaloniki


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EuroShop Düsseldorf 2011:

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EuroShop Düsseldorf 2014:

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